Stressfire Instructor

Tuition $1000.00

StressFire Instructor: Five days of extremely intensive handgun and shotgun skill development and technique analysis. This instructor certification course is offered for police firearms instructors and advanced private citizens who have had previous instructional experience ad desire to reach the most advanced techniques to their students. Participants will lean how to perform the many proprietary techniques and the reason behind the "StressFire" method of defensive firearms, a shooting method developed over the last 20 years by Master Instructor Massad Ayoob. These techniques have proven themselves over and over again, not only in competition but on the street in numerous gunfights that LFI students have survived. Required supplies for this course include 1500 rounds handgun ammo, 50 rounds assorted shotgun ammo, weak side holster, soft body armor, (loaner available) along with 300 rounds revolver ammo if student uses semi-auto, or vice-versa. Both pump and semi-auto shotguns needed, 12 or 20ga., (loaners available), flashlight (for night exercises one night. Pre-requisite: Student must be a certified police firearms instructor or and LFI-II graduate, or comparable level of training.

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