Tuition $1500.00

Lethal Force Institute's most advanced program. Mastery of handgun retention advances to instructor level, and on the last day you will train career cops in this critical survival skill, and certify them yourselves. Mastery of the Kubotan/Persuader you learned in LFI-III advances to instructor level also, and you will teach a class and certify the students. Shooting progresses to an extremely fast level: quad speed qualification,

And "impossibly high standards," two courses of fire that have never been Maxed (shot 100% ) by ANYONE. (At one LFI-IV, IPSC's "double duty standards III" was won by a student with a higher score than Rob Leatham shot that year at the Single Stack Challenge; the same year, the Hackathorn Standards were won at LFI-IV with a higher score than what won the same event at the National Tactical Invitational that year.

Each student will kill a large animal with his/her carry gun and load, and then participate in its post-mortem dissection to see what the bullet did. Feedback from the previous 40 graduates indicates that this may be the single most profound exercise in the program.

LFI-IV is where we "go beyond the envelope." It was here that we injected people with epinephrine and monitored their vital signs as they shot double speed to replicate full-blown fight or flight response in 1998. It was here that we did the "Dracula Drill," draining a pint of blood from each student immediately prior to them shooting a qualification while experiencing blood loss. We won't tell you what 2001 brings…until you get there. Suffice to say the tradition will continue. Now you know why we only offer it once every three years…