Become certified in the use of the most street-proven and universally legal self-defense tool. The course includes: escape from headlock, full nelson, and all manner of choke-holds and grabs...how to execute come-alongs, takedowns, etc...wristlocks, thumblocks, armlocks, shoulder-locks...each technique includes follow-ups to final "controlling posture"...strikes using Yawara techniques, key slashes, reinforced fist...techniques follow escalation of force pattern from detterence to control holds to stunning strikes, debilitating strikes, and lethal strike and fllow-ips for situations where deadly force in justifiable in self defense...includes explanation of when each technique should be used. These techniques work with Kubotan, Persuader, MoGem, De-Jammer, Mini-Mag flashlight, and similar protective tools that are universally legal for concealed carry. Student will be issued a Persuader baton and a Persuader baton and a training manual. 4hrs.

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