Massad Ayoob & Chuck Taylor 


A Tactical Workshop

Feb 28th thru Mar 4th - Yulee, FL

Between the gun magazines and a search of the web, you’ll find maybe a dozen or so serious schools and literally hundreds of lesser-known instructors offering firearms training for self-defense/combat. Even with numerous schools having a similar curriculum, the range of shooting and tactical techniques advocated, as well as the instructional methods in use, vary to such a degree that is impossible for all of them to be anywhere near equally effective. How do you choose?

For the first time in over a decade, two of the country’s most articulate and experienced instructors have join together to provide an in-depth analysis, both from a tactical and legal perspective, of what works, what doesn’t and why. While Ayoob and Taylor don’t always see eye to eye, they are masters at cutting through the B.S. and base their conclusions on actual case history, not theory.

While part of this 4 1/2 day workshop will be spent in the classroom, including a video taped Q & A session to start things off, most of the “what works” will be hands on instruction ranging from numerous shooting techniques and their tactical application, to weapon retention, close range responses (0 to 2 meters), transition to back-up weapons, pre-programming legal decisions, and much, much more. We intend for part of the curriculum of this class to be student driven and will add additional subject matter as we here from those attending.

While the course is suitable for students of a variety of skill levels, an understanding of basic weapon handling and firearms safety is a must. Those unfamiliar with the background of the instructors can learn more about them on other pages of this website. The range we are using is just north of
Jacksonville, FL but some other details have yet to be finalized. Class size is limited. Tuition is $800.