About Us

Lethal Force Institute

Lethal Force Institute was founded and incorporated in 1981 by Massad Ayoob and Dorothy Ayoob. It was the first “threat management school” emphasizing responsible, advanced training in the use of defensive deadly force by private citizens as well as law enforcement and military personnel. LFI received a great deal of favorable press nationwide from its inception. It remains unchallenged as the premier school of its kind.

The StressFire™ combat shooting system developed by LFI has been adopted into combat pistolcraft doctrine by the United States Army. Documentation of this fact is readily available, and readily visible with a glance at the Army’s marksmanship training manual FM23-35. Some of LFI’s advice on better control of a handgun under stress has also been incorporated as optional shooting technique by the elite US Army Pistol Team. Numerous police and civilian national champions have credited StressFire™ techniques with their success. More importantly, countless police officers, soldiers, and armed citizens have credited their survival of violent encounters and their avoidance of tragedy to what they learned from LFI.

LFI courses have been taught throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and also in Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Switzerland and Venezuela. Attendance at, and demand for LFI training remains high in comparison to the rest of an increasingly competitive and rapidly growing handgun training industry.

Armor of New Hampshire

Armor of New Hampshire has been in business since the 1970s and was founded by Dorothy Ayoob:

"I started the business when I found out that police officers in the State of New Hampshire were being sold bulletproof vests at over-inflated prices because there was only one dealer in the area. I talked with Richard Davis of Second Chance and told him how the police officers in New Hampshire were forced to purchase their vests out of their uniform allowance. They couldn’t afford the vests and were in need of help. He offered me a dealership and I took it. I started selling the vests at 20% less than retail. I went on to offer his products and more via mail order partnered with Police Bookshelf sales."

Since then Armor of New Hampshire has added different products, many of which were suggested or designed by Massad Ayoob:

“Wolf Ears”
LFI Concealment Rig
Spyderco Ayoob knife
The MOD Razorback
“Ayoob Style” flashlight carrier
Ayoob Rear Guard holster

The company also carries several brand names such as Second Chance, Monadnock, Gentex, Ted Blocker Holsters, Spyderco, Masters of Defense, Bianchi Leather, Pro-Load Ammunition, Guardian Leather, Protective Optics, Beamhit, Punch, Adco, Peerless Handcuffs, Surefire and more. Armor of New Hampshire provides customers with quality products backed by a brand name reputation.

Police Bookshelf

Police Bookshelf has been in business since 1980 when In The Gravest Extreme by Massad Ayoob was first printed and offered for sale. After attempts at selling the book to big name publishers and being told that the book was too controversial for the general public, Massad and Dorothy decided to self-publish. The book sold well and still does.

Police Bookshelf went on from there to publish many of Massad’s books as well as videos and works from other authors. The company also stocks their shelves with books, videos, DVDs, CDs, and cassettes to fulfill the increasing needs and interests of our customers.